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Monastery premises of the Holy Precinct



Category: Culture / Monuments

Klášterní ulice 141/D, Ostrov
GPS: N 50° 18.29730´, E 12° 56.10067´

+420 351 800 521

Tue-Su  9.30 - 12.30

           13.00 - 18.00


40 %

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The extensive monastery premises of the Holy Precinct are located on the western edge of the historic town of Ostrov in the neighbourhood of the Chateau Park (“Zámecký park”), called the eighth wonder of the world in the past. A military unit resided here from the 1950s and the property fell into disrepair and was almost destroyed during that time. The extensive reconstruction of the monastery premises and the Chateau Park restored the appearance of these monuments to such an extent that many visitors liken it to a miracle. The Infocentre and Ecocentre with more than 200 animals are part of the premises as well. Individual buildings of the monastery: - Piaristic monastery - Convent, - Saxon-Lauenburg Funeral Chapel of the St. Anne, - Chapel of St. Florian, - Einsiedeln Chapel, - the Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.

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