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The Sokolov Museum



Category: Culture / Monuments

Zámecká 2, Sokolov
GPS: N 50° 10.76322´, E 12° 38.49845´

+420 352 324 025

+420 352 623 930

9:00 -12:00
13:00 -17:00


50 %

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The Sokolov Museum, the beneficiary of contributions from the Karlovy Vary Region can be found in the building of the Sokolov Château. The permanent exhibition has been placed in 11 halls on the first floor of the Château. It describes the history of the region, mining and related production. The exhibits include minerals from the region, specimens of fauna and flora, production of porcelain, musical instruments and other interesting items. We are reminded of the sad history of concentration camp for women in the nearby village of Svatava and the persona of the American director S. Fuller, who in May of 1945 participated in the liberation of the Sokolov region and made his first film in Sokolov.

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